Jon Sanchez is a 29 years old French photographer. Based in Biarritz, Jon is always in search of esthetics and minimalism, he finds his inspiration in Nature's open spaces. Specializing in capturing the ocean from an innovative angle, he has developed an instantly recognizable visual signature.

Born and raised in Biarritz, Basque Country, Jon developed a deep affinity for the sea from an early age. This connection with the ocean has served as a constant source of inspiration for his photographic work. It is through the lens of his camera that he has found a way to capture and share the raw beauty of the natural world around him.

Jon's style is characterized by its elegant simplicity and his ability to isolate fleeting moments of grace in the marine environment. His photographs are distinguished by their clean compositions, soothing colors and skilful use of natural light. He often favors well-balanced horizons, highlighting the harmony between sky and sea. Each of his images invites the viewer to plunge into a world of contemplation and meditation.

Jon Sanchez has gained considerable recognition in the world of photography. His work has been exhibited in numerous art galleries around the world and published in renowned magazines. He also has a loyal following on social networks, where his photographs continue to inspire and amaze a global audience.



‎Recent collaborations include : Land Rover, Estée Lauder, Jaguar, Allianz, Adobe, John Lobb, Fusalp, Oxbow, Montblanc, FNAC, Switzerland tourism, Fly Swiss, Laboratoires de Biarritz, EDF, Evian Water, Mini France, Delsey, Vuarnet Sunglasses, Icelandair, Bask in the sun and DS France.